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Hire The Right Employees Using VerifyME Nigeria


Nigeria is an indigenous information technology company, offers services with significant benefit to the workforce.They are the leading provider of employment history reporting and verification services that allows employers of labour take informed hiring decisions. Employers and recruitment agencies focus on their core business objectives by leveraging on our platform to provide congruently and compiled work history verification for prospective workers.

What They Do


  • Work HIstory Reporting and Verification
  • Identity  Verification
  • Adress Verification
  • Guarantor  Verification
  • Certificate Verification
  • Police Arrest Records Query.


How It Works


The biodata of workers (from ages 18-65) are uploaded in our database, for better planning and development by employers, organizations, workers, and government institutions.

The ability to verify employment history and identity for newly hired and potential workers by leveraging our growing database.

Searchable database of all registered workers to reduce incidences of identity fraud, manage risk, and reduce crime.


  • Worker’s employment history is uploaded to our database and linked to a unique identity­.
  • Worker’s profile can be updated to show any change in employment status, i.e. if the worker resigned or was released from the employment he/she had at the time of registration.
  • An employer can rate and recommend a worker for future employment.

The registration process begins by pre-registering online at

Input your name and contact information. If you are registering workers for your business, input your name where it asks for a contact person. After pre-registering, instruct your worker (s) to go to any of our registration centres to complete the process, with the Personal Access Code (PAC) you will receive via email. Once the registration process is completed, the worker (s) will be issued an ID card approximately 72 hours after registration.

Alternatively, your worker (s) can start and complete the entire registration process at our center, without pre-registering online.

The pre-registration form will need to be endorsed by the worker’s employer, as confirmation of the worker’s employment.


Contact Them Today

  • Adress: 3rd Floor, Suite 7 62 Old Yaba Road, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Phone: +234 906 000 7624
  • email:
  • Twitter:@officialVMN
  • Facebook: Verifymenigeria

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