How to make a GIF on iPhone

GIF taking over social media

GIFs are everywhere in 2017: on social networks, messages and can even be used as part of tech launches. They’re a great way to showcase a moving image without having to send over a large video.

iOS 11 supports GIFs, and even provides a folder in Photos to view them all, but how do you create them on your iPhone in the first place?

Live Photos are great, and provide an easy way for iOS owners to capture more of a moment than a static image. The Live Photo captures three seconds of footage from before and after the shutter was pressed, and creates a GIF-esque image with motion and audio.

Thankfully there’s a free iOS app from Google that allows you to convert Live Photos into a GIF, allowing you to share it with anyone on any operating system or platform – and here’s how you do it.

How make GIFs on iPhone: Live Photos and Motion Stills

To capture Live Photos, you must have the ‘Live’ toggle enabled, which is found at the top of the camera app.

Once enabled you’ll see the Live Photos icon glow in yellow and be notified that Live Photo mode is active. As a reminder, you’ll need an iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE or newer to capture Live Photos.

How to turn Live Photos into a GIF

After you capture your Live Photos, you will need to download Motion Stills from the App Store – the app is free to download and is small in size ~25Mb. You’re now set to convert your JPG-and-MOV Live Photos into sharable GIFs.


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